Field Guide

by Fire In The Northern Firs

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Fire In The Northern Firs debut recording, 'Field Guide' opens quickly with the frenetic 'Weather Machine' toeing the lines of new wave, post-punk, shoegaze, and krautrock simultaneously. It relentlessly motors along until everything falls out from under Carin Barno’s vocal melody, letting her voice rise up above the impending chaos until the song is deconstructed and essentially destroyed under it’s own weight in the end, leaving nothing but meek electronic signals in it’s wake. And that’s the first track on the record. 'Field Guide' continues on an unfaltering schedule of danceable psych-pop throughout. On 'Flavor Savior' Shane Kramer’s unorthodox bass harmonics lay the foundation for an outstandingly spooky dance track not far off from a My Bloody Valentine record. The latter half of 'Field Guide' features 'Something To Write Home About', a friendly sounding, rhythm driven track that soon turns into a sonic freakout at the will of Adam Kirsch’s feedback addled guitar blasts. The EP closes with 'The Wedding Crier', powered by Scott Weller’s interminable floor tom, it soon explodes into a shimmering, overcharged dance track that eventually slows and falls apart until 'Field Guide' ends and is perfectly wrapped up in the ensuing silence. 'Field Guide' will be released on November 19th 2011. Limited edition handmade cassettes will feature six tracks from Fire In The Northern Firs, recorded throughout the summer of 2011 by John Peters and John Park in various locations across MPLS/STP. All cassettes come with digital download code.

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Weather Machine
Raw Metal Diet
Flavor Saviour

It's A Dark Horse, Brad
Something To Write Home About
The Wedding Crier


released November 19, 2011

Minneapolis’ Fire in the Northern Firs exist in the place right before things went
wrong: the hazy edges of what might have happened last night, forgotten conversations in the back
rooms of loud bars. Piling 80’s postpunk relentlessness with a krautrock pulse on top of an already
saturated shoegaze wall of noise until it all collapses into a wash of psychedelic
drones, perfect for Carin Barno’s vocals to tear a hole through. Then you’re left
with nothing more than faint memory of where it all began and how it all ended up
this way.

Carin Barno (First Communion After Party) – Vocals
Shane David Kramer (Sun in the Satellite) – Bass, Loops
Adam Kirsch (Good Day, Montag.) – Guitar, Electronics
Scott Weller (The Mojo Pinup) - Drums



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Fire In The Northern Firs Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis’ Fire in the Northern Firs are a band.

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