See You In Hell

by Fire In The Northern Firs



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"See You in Hell," the new Three Song EP by Minneapolis Krautrock/Ambient/Shoegaze masters Fire in the Northern Firs, delivers.

First off, it's an 8" vinyl record, which you obviously need. Then you get to the title and packaging. Never has such celestial, awe-inspiring music been paired with such a terrible, zero-shits-given attitude.

Then you put on the record and none of it matters. For a band that draws such easy signifiers, FITF sound only like themselves: ethereal yet piercing guitars hover above nimble, mid-heavy basslines while impossibly tight drumming winds itself into circles before detonating with surprising force, none which even begins to mention the electrifying, soulful vocals that cap off the mix.

This isn't their first release by a long shot - it follows a spectacular full length and an introductory EP - but it has the energy and confidence of a perfect debut. In some ways, it also feels like they've reached their destination, a strange place where songs never have to end, lyrics don't need to make sense and the idea of forever is comforting rather than terrifying.

Hopefully, it takes you there as well.


released March 21, 2014



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Fire In The Northern Firs Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis’ Fire in the Northern Firs are a band.

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